Virginia/North Carolina fam visits

In may 2013 we took a short trip up to a town north of us in North Carolina and to Virginia to visit some friends and family.
With our limited amount of time in both places, we had to make the most of it. In Virginia we decided to visit the Booker T. Washington Plantation where the famous slave Booker T. Washington first grew DSCN1909up as a young boy imprisoned in slavery till he was around nine years old. When the emancipation Proclamation took place Booker T. Washington’s family moved to a place where his father found work for them. He worked at a salt mine for some time but when he saved up enough money he trudged forward in fulfilling his dream in getting an education at Hampton a school for black people. He succeeded in all his studies and went on to becoming a teacher and opening his own school. This school was mostly built by him and his students, he believed everything was more greatly appreciated when worked for and putting learning into practice helped enrich the educational experience.
Booker T. Washington is known for his incredible persistence in pursuing an education even though he came from almost nothing. He truly realized the importance of having a hands on educational experience. His story is truly an inspiration for all.

North Carolina is full of history and legends.  On this trip we got the

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock

experience to learn about an old indian legend about a place near Boone, NC, Blowing Rock. Take a look and learn about this sweet love story!








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