United States

     The United States of America is one big continent. 50 States in all, Traveling to all 50 states is a huge bucket list item for both of us. There are millions of amazing places to see in the United State that it is so difficult to choose where to go first. Lucky for us we are young and willing to go anywhere God calls us!

Here are the states we have been to together so far:

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Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
Traveling in the USA
 The united states is not backpacker friendly, saying that, the best way to see the country is by road tripping. When planning your trip to the big USA its safe to say the cheapest option for traveling is renting or buying a car here if you are coming from another country.
In the middle of the country, be prepared for a lot of nothingness, although it is beautiful, its not the most interesting. So be safe, drink lots of coffee when driving, and most importantly have fun!


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