The Bahamas

The Bahamas are a dream place, a place where most people only fantasize of going to, but in reality anyone can go. Many of the Bahamas Islands rely heavily on tourism so you’re not only having a fabulous vacation when you book a trip there but your helping out a people group that truly depends on our finances to live.

We decided to be simple and go on a cruise. Our Cruise went to three different Islands in the Bahamas, Freeport Grand Bahamas, Nassau, and Half moon Cay.

Freeport was a lot more humid than the other two islands, but still very nice. While we were there we decided to have some fun at Senior Frogs, if your unsure of what Señor frogs is it is a bar with overpriced drinks and a super fun party atmosphere. Going to Señor Frogs is definitely an experience I feel everyone should enjoy once if they are in to that sort of thing! They not only have good drinks but great food, which again is a little overpriced. We had some friends from our cruise that went to the beach at Freeport and did some jet skiing and they said the beaches there were not as nice as the ones in Nassau and Half Moon Cay so maybe save your beach day for another island.


Nassau of course is known for the world famous resort Atlantis, which we couldn’t help but take part in. Atlantis isn’t just a fancy hotel and casino but also a sweet aquarium, a beautiful beach, a historical sight that they call the dig and supposedly there displaying the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis, pretty sweet right? And of course last but not least they have 141-acre water park with the most insane water slides ever! We went down two that took us through a pool of sharks! DSCN2206Atlantis was probably one of the biggest highlights of our trip and so worth the price, sense who knows when we will ever be back there! Carnival sold us a day pass excursion for Atlantis that was about $40 more than what the hotel sold but ours included a ride over there and back as well as a meal voucher. If you’ve ever been to a theme park the food prices are no different here, so depending on your situation either one would work just fine.

Video coming soon!


Half Moon Cay is Carnivals private Island, so if your not going through Carnival then you may not get to go to this island which is a shame because its absolutely beautiful! DSCN2395The beaches had the finest sand I had ever felt and it was so white, almost like the bottom of a pool just softer. Stepping into the water was like swimming in a swimming pool because of how warm and clear it was! This island also gets a lot of sun so definitely bring some sunscreen or tanning lotion and maybe even work on your tan! Sense this island being the cruise lines we didn’t have to worry about buying lunch because they already provided a all you can eat barbeque for us!


If the Bahamas had ever crossed your mind as a possible vacation spot then definitely move it to the definite travel destination side of your list because it will be a trip full of laughter, love, and pure joy, at least it was for us!




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