Savings Tips

1.   $5 Jar

A five-dollar jar is exactly what it sounds like. We have done this for quite awhile now and our jar is coming close to being stuffed and only after a few short months! What you do is get a jar; it can be a mason jar, spaghetti sauce jar or anything that you happen to have that would do the job. This part is optional but I recommend it so that by the end of the year, or how ever long you choose to not look in your jar, it’s a surprise. What you can do is cut out a piece of paper that fits around the inside of your jar so you cant see what’s in there. Then throughout the next year or how ever long you choose to wait to look in your jar, every time you get a $5 dollar bill put it in the jar. This savings tip is obviously adjustable, you can easily do it with coins or one-dollar bills the options are endless!

2.  Save as you go bank account

Depending on your bank carrier, some have a system where you literally save as you go. We have Wells Fargo and they have a setting you can put on your debit account (or the one you use most often) where every time you use your card a dollar or two gets automatically transferred into the savings account of your choosing. You’re saving without even thinking about it!

3.    Weekly Savings

We recently started doing this technique. How it works is you take a year to finish the process and there are 52 weeks in a year. Each week you add the amount that that week is. For example if it were the 30th week in the year you would add $30 into your designated savings account and so on. By the end of the year you should have $1,378.00 in your savings account, that is a pretty good chunk of money! Maybe even get you a roundtrip ticket to Europe!

4.    Fuel up with extreme fuel treatment

Extreme fuel treatment is a fuel additive that not only saves you money on gas but also prolongs your engine life, reduces emissions, and so much more. It’s a product that really truly works; we never go a fill up with out it. If you are interested in finding out more about this incredible product visit our resources tab and click on “Save money on gas”.  You wont be disappointed with the results!

5.    Coffee anyone?!?

This is probably one of the harder ones for you coffee drinkers, but have you noticed how by buying your coffee at coffee shops on a daily basis you spend quite a bit. I know a regular black coffee is only a few bucks, which may not seem like a lot at the time, but by the end of the week or even month it adds up. By making your own coffee at home and letting it brew as your getting ready can save you quite a bit of time and money. Coffee isn’t super expensive at the store and a little bit goes along way. If you’re like me and are not a huge fan of black coffee and need something a little sweeter like a latte or mocha your in luck because you can do a version of that at home too! When I make a homemade mocha I make coffee, add milk, add some nesquick hot chocolate mix and occasionally a little stevia for some extra sweetness. Pinterest has some awesome recipes for homemade coffee creamer and in different flavors if chocolate isn’t your thing. Good luck!

6.    Eating out

Eating out, as I’m sure you have noticed, is not cheap. There are ways you can avoid a ridiculous tab one is by ordering water to drink. Not only is it healthier but also it’s free! And you may even loose a few pounds by cutting back on soda and alcohol. A second is by sharing dishes with family or friends that you go with, order family style. This has a couple bonuses; you get to try the different types of food, not as inclined to stuff your self as much, and you don’t come home with a bunch of left over’s you may or may not eat. Biggest bonus though is you are saving money!






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