Bucket List

Have you ever thought of Making a Bucket List?
Bucket lists are awesome! If you haven’t made one I highly recommend it. If you don’t know what a bucket list is, it is basically a list of things you have always wanted to do.
For example swimming with sharks could be on there.
I (Amanda) am constantly adding to the one I made, its like a never ending list of fun ideas! Almost like a Marry Poppins bag!
I encourage all of you to make a bucket list and get your dreams laid out in front of you. Maybe this will get you motivated to actually do some of them rather than only talk about them.

This is our combined bucket list, (a list of things that we Really Really want to do). Our bucket list consists of things that we have always wanted to do, (especially things pertaining to traveling) and things that we want to do together. They may be serious, funny ideas, or all out craziness. We encourage you all to make a bucket list of your own, and have fun with it!

1. visit seven of the wonders of the world
Visited the Grand Canyon! (PICS)

2. visit all 50 USA states

3. travel to every country

4. Horse back ride across a country

5. Dog sledding in Alaska

6. go water skiing or wake boarding                                                                      

7. zipline through a jungle                                                                                          

8. sand board                                                                                                                      

9. learn to sail                                                                                                                  

10. go backpacking  

11. go on an African Safari

12. learn at least one foreign language

13. swim in all the oceans

14. kiss the love of my life under the Eiffel Tower

15. go to Madagascar and sing “I like to move it move it!”

16. live in a foreign country

17. ride an elephant

18. ride a camel

19. ride a horse on every continent

20. drink beer in a pub in Ireland

21. go around the world in 80 days

22. hike the Appalachian trail

23. snow board in the Swiss Alps

24. visit at least 15 USA national parks

25. snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

26. hold a koala

27. Ride in a Hot air Balloon

28. Swim with sharks

29. swim in the dead sea

30. Visit all 7 continents

31. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

32. Visit the tunnel of Love in the Ukraine

33. go scuba diving

34. Ride an ostridge

35. Hug a kangaroo

Your List
Now that we have our bucket list, here is your chance to add something. Below will be a compiled list of our favorite things people have suggested that we do. It may be silly, crazy,
or simple, use your imagination and let us know what ideas you have come up with and post it on our Facebook page or make a comment below.


“Dont ever let somebody tell you, you cant do something… you got a dream you’ve got to protect it, if people cant do something themselves they tell you you cant do it, you want something go get it.” -The pursuit of Happiness



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