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Strike 3 and your out! Why we decided to stay in California

Most of you, who talked to us and met us in 2013, heard that we were going to be in Australia for this season (February-July 2014) and are most likely wondering…where are all the awesome posts about Australia?

Well to our surprise and disappointment, our planned study abroad and working trip to Australia fell through.

There were many factors that played into our choice to stick around in California, and one of those being complications with my financial aid for school. That was strike one for us. Strike two was the current situation of our family being in great need of love and support through a very difficult time. Strike three was putting all of these pieces together and realizing where we were needed most; California, with the people we love helping them through this trying season of life.

As disappointed as we are about our trip to Australia, being postponed to a further date, God has opened up some awesome opportunities here for us that we are excited to explore!  

The biggest lesson we learned through this was what an amazing and trustworthy God we serve. We serve a God who guides and leads us through the ups and downs, who opens up new doors when others close, and a God who provides a plan for us so we don’t need to worry about a thing.


We are unsure of when we will be on the road again but we hope to soon and pray that God opens up some doors for us to go on another international adventure in the near future!

But until then we will be doing some local exploring in the Bay area, so stay tuned! And leave us a message if your in the Bay area at any point, we would love to give some tips for places to go to and see!


Caleb and Amanda 


About gpwsf

We are a young goofy couple who have a true passion for adventure and traveling. Our goal is to explore this amazing world that we live in and inspire others that they have the ability to do the same! Bon Voyage!


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