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When Nerdy becomes convenient

While we were in Ecuador and Peru we started realizing that the things we thought nerdy back home in the states were mighty convenient here. Check out our list! 

1. Zip off, water resistant pants 

We would have loved having some of these, especially on our trek through the jungle. When doing multi day treks its always wise to carry as little as possible, so having versatile pants is a must for our next backpacking trip! 

2. Fanny packs

when we first got down to Ecuador we noticed that a lot of the locals wore fanny packs. At first we were a little surprised but as we went along on our travels the idea of having a fanny pack seemed more and more convenient to us. It was always an inconvenience having to dig through my backpack to find my passport or wallet, so having a fanny pack would have been nice.

3. Trekking poles

Some of you experienced hiker/backpackers may be thinking that were crazy for thinking them nerdy, but when your as young as we are (21 and 22) they appear that way. But our minds were flipped after backpacking in Colca Canon with 25 pound backpacks on, we were fishing for some trekking poles!

4. Head lamp 

When staying at hostels, head lamps can be incredibly convenient for digging through your backpack while your bunk mates are sleeping. Also when hiking in the dark, or trampling through caves. 


Comment below if you have had changed feelings toward things that are considered nerdy back home but convenient while traveling.    


About gpwsf

We are a young goofy couple who have a true passion for adventure and traveling. Our goal is to explore this amazing world that we live in and inspire others that they have the ability to do the same! Bon Voyage!


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