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Our top 7 Adventures of 2013

Now that the year officially over, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the spectacular adventures or experiences of the past year that we have had.


Our top 7 adventures in 2013!

(In no particular order)


  1. Atlantis


The Atlantis resort is not just a hotel on a beach in the Bahamas, but also an aquarium, and the coolest water park that we have ever been to. 

Check out our post to read more about our trip to the Bahamas.


  2. Machu Picchu


One of the new wonders of the world, bucket list item right here. Machu Picchu was truly spectacular; if you are ever in Peru do not miss this wonder.

Check out how we did a tour to Machu Pichhu for only $100!


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 3. White water rafting in the Chattanooga river


This was our first time ever white water rafting and it was such a blast! Going through the large rapids, getting soaking wet, the adventure of it all was thrilling.


 4. Inner-tubing and canoeing in the Amazon river.


The part of the Amazon we went inner-tubing and canoeing in was not filled with Piranhas thankfully. Our time in the jungle was just truly amazing, we feel so blessed to have been able to do the activities that we did here.

Check out the rest of our Ecuador travels and let them inspire you to take a trip to Ecuador this coming year!  


 5. Dune buggy riding in the Huacachina dessert


This may not sound like much but trust me the sand dunes in Huacachina are massive and plentiful. Riding in a dune buggy up and down the dunes was like a super crazy roller coaster ride.

(Video coming soon at the following link)


  6. Hiking Colca Canon


Backpacking up and down one of the deepest canons in the world was the hardest hiking we have ever done, but the views were simply spectacular!

Learn how to hike Colca canon with out a guide!



 7. Learning to surf in Ecuador


While traveling through Ecuador we ended up staying in this cute little beach town for 3 weeks so naturally we thought why not learn to surf. The waves in Canoa are amazing for beginners and advanced surfers, it truly is a great place to learn to surf!

Want to take a break from life and just chill out, check out our favorite little beach town in Ecuador:


Comment below and tell us about some of your top adventures this past year!  


About gpwsf

We are a young goofy couple who have a true passion for adventure and traveling. Our goal is to explore this amazing world that we live in and inspire others that they have the ability to do the same! Bon Voyage!


2 thoughts on “Our top 7 Adventures of 2013

  1. Happy Adventuring – loving your post – great captures – thanks for sharing your adventures:)

    Posted by cravesadventure | March 2, 2014, 5:12 pm

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