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Machu Picchu! One of the new 7 wonders of the world. And boy is it amazing! Advertisements

Trekking Colca Canon

Hiking in Colca Canon was the hardest hiking we have ever done. We started out on our four day trek to Llahuar then to Sangalle (towns at the bottom of the canon) with roughly 25 pounds on our backs because we thought it would be awesome to sleep under the stars and save on the … Continue reading

Hiking cotahuasi canon

Cotahuasi canon is a gorgeous off the beaten path travel destination in southern Peru. It is said to be the deepest canon in the world, nearly twice as deep as the grand canon. Although there is some debate whether Cotahuasi canon or Colca canon is deeper, either way Peru still has the deepest canons in … Continue reading

Photo of the week

Huacachina is a cute dessert oasis situated around a naturally occurring lake. Many travelers pass through here to enjoy the epic sand boarding and dune buggy rides through the massive sand dunes surrounding the city. A must see if traveling through southern Peru!

Photo of the week

Paracas national reserve is located in paracas Peru. It is a beautiful reserve filled with rolling sand dunes and breath taking beaches. It’s a place where you truly feel like your in the dessert but then get surprised by the beaches on the edges. We loved bike riding around this magnificent park and truly feel … Continue reading

Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands are a marine reserve right of the coast of Paracas in southern Peru. In 2012 it was the second most popular nature reserve destination of local and foreign tourists. They are also known as the Galapagos for poor people. The islands are made of rock formations that provide a home for many … Continue reading

Laguna 69

Laguna 69 is tucked away deep into the Parque Nacional Huascaran near Huaraz Peru. It took us about six hours to hike to the lake and back but it was completely worth it. The Huascaran park is just breathtakingly beautiful through and through. The park is a must see if your coming to Huaraz Peru. … Continue reading

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