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The ruins at chan chan in Trujillo Peru were awesome! And incredible to witness. Strolling through the old structures imagining what life was like back then living there, is such a humbling experience. Advertisements

Photo of the week

The ruins at Karajia, near chachapoyas peru, were awesome! There is a lovely hike you take to get down to see them and once there, if with a tour, your guide will tell you all about the history of the place and the tombs in the side of the mountain! The mystery and beauty of … Continue reading

Photos of the week

Horseback riding near Podocarpus national park in Vilcabamba, Ecuador was such an awe inspiring activity! We rode through the town and up into the mountains to see a beautiful cascading waterfall. Our horses were full of life and we couldn’t have been more content galloping along on them!

Photo of the week

Cuenca Ecuador is an incredible city. Full of character and beauty. It is definitely one of our favorite big cities we have visited.


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Photo of the week

Canoa is a great place to learn to surf. The waves are not to big but not to small either, plus surf boards are very cheap to rent!

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