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Atlanta Georgia!

Georgia has so much history, that you can always count on learning something new! Advertisements

Saving money!

Need ideas on easy ways you can save money? Look no further!

Packing lite!

Packing tips for short weekend trips!


“Dont ever let somebody tell you, you cant do something… you got a dream you’ve got to protect it, if people cant do something themselves they tell you you cant do it, you want something go get it.” -The pursuit of Happiness

The Blowing Rock

This cliff edge may not look like much, except a place to sit and enjoy a beautiful view, but the legend behind it is truly something special. Click the picture to learn more about this magical indian legend that took place at the Blowing Rock.

Booker T. Washington Plantation

The story of Booker T. Washington is truly an inspiration to all. A young slave boy who came from almost nothing, besides his loving family, and moved on to become an role model for all with his great desire to learn. Check out his story by clicking on the picture!

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